Severance Information Seminar

Presented by RCEA

For RCEA members.

In the arbitral awards for Groups AD, AS, CS, PG and OP of June 3, 2014 contained the elimination of the accumulation of severance pay.

All continuing employees and term employees with at least one year of service will be entitled to severance payment of one week’s pay for each complete year of continuous employment, to a maximum of thirty (30) weeks.

Employees will be provided the following options for payment of accumulated severance:

  1. Immediate payment at the rate of pay of their substantive position, or
  2. Payment upon termination of employment from the Council, at the rate of pay of the employee’s substantive position at the date of termination, or
  3. A combination of the above: immediate payment in full weeks of a portion of the accumulated severance, while banking the remainder to be paid upon termination of employment.

These options and other areas concerning the severance will be presented to RCEA members in French and English seminars.

English Seminar:  Monday, June 16, 4 p.m.

French Seminar:  Tuesday, June 17, 4 p.m.

M-50 Auditorium

1200 Montreal Rd.

Ottawa, ON.

613-746-9341 or for any questions.