The RCEA would like to welcome a new steward in Winnipeg, Michelle Levasseur. Her contact information is and 204-984-5396.

March has been a very busy month for me and the RCEA.  As you know, 5 of our groups (AD, AS, CS, OP, PG) went before an Arbitration Board for hearings March 17-20.  I would like to thank the members who attended these hearings with us.  Updates on the hearings are now on the website, and as soon as we have the rulings from the Board we will post on the RCEA website.

On March 4th I attended a bargaining agents meeting where the federal union presidents discuss matters of local and national importance to all our members.  This meeting included topics such as NJC committee reports, sick leave Treasury Board implications, matters jointly related to collective bargaining, federal budget impact on unions, pension litigation, performance review, and pay administration.  March 5 was a National Joint Council meeting, and I also attended a 2-day training course from the NJC at the end of March.  On March 12, Debi Daviau, President of PIPSC, and I met for a one to one meeting.  Since we are the 2 bargaining agents for NRC, we had many items to discuss.  Debi is upfront and forward thinking, and for both of us our union mandate is very clear: “what is in the best interest of the members”.  Three of PIPSC NRC groups are also in arbitration and I will attend these hearings on April 8 and 9.

On March 11th the RCEA committee for the AD/AS conversion exercise had a strategy meeting.  In February the employer had introduced 4 outlines of new level structures for this combined group.  The RCEA committee has also formulated a grade and level structure.  Our recommendation has been sent through the NRC committee, to SEC, to be tabled on March 24.  I believe our team came up with a structure that was beneficial to our group members, so I am hopeful that the RCEA recommendation will be strongly considered.

March 13 was the Joint Consultation Committee meeting with PIPSC, RCEA and the employer.  I have felt that the last few JCC meetings were not true consultations but a Q&A session for the bargaining agents.  The RCEA had brought up this concern to Isabelle Gingras, VP of HR, where Isabelle also brought up this issue at the latest JCC meeting.  I am hopeful that future JCC’s will be a mutual consultation driven board for union and labour relations.

Since I started in January I have noticed a few RCEA office IT system complications.  The office has contacted 5 IT firms and all have audited our systems and have given us recommendations for improvements and maintenance.  The RCEA office is still in the process of evaluating the best solution and on how and with whom to proceed.

I wish you all a happy and healthy Spring.