The RCEA has been working with NRC management through the Administrative Professionals Group (AP) Consultation and Review Committee for the classification renewal of the AS/AD groups since April 2011. The project as described by the project charter is structured in 4 phases.  Phase 1:  Initiation and Planning; Phase 2:  Design, Development and Testing; Phase 3:  Implementation and Transition; and Phase 4:  Post-Implementation and Ongoing Maintenance.

To date, we have seen completion of the 1st phase and a large part of the 2nd phase, up to and including the development of position descriptions to be used as bench marks (reference points) for the AP Classification Standard. The RCEA, through the committee process and individual RCEA members, has contributed to the development of these bench mark jobs (mostly as an information and review process at the committee level and some individual employee consultation in the drafting of the bench marks).

The next steps in the process to complete the project will involve completing all AP Position Evaluations and Rationales, roll-out of new classification policies and processes mechanisms and processes for reconsideration/grievances, negotiation of a new pay grade and salary structures for the AP Group. No timelines have as yet been established by NRC for completion of Phases 3 or 4.