Payment in Arrears
Current employees will continue to get paid every 2 weeks; there will be no interruption in pay. There will be a onetime transitional payment in April 2014 that will “transfer on paper the week of pay”. It will indicate the period of work that ended two weeks prior to payment. This means when a current employee leaves NRC you will not get paid for 2 full weeks of work. A final payment will be the difference in salary amounts from April 2014 till the end date, plus any other days accumulated (say you leave mid pay week).

This does not apply to new employees, who will be paid 2 full weeks after leaving NRC, as they have to wait 4 weeks for pay when they begin work.

This is from the PWGSC website
Existing employees will continue to be paid their regular salary every two weeks. When payment in arrears is implemented (April 2014), Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) will make a one-time transition payment to existing employees and from that point forward employees’ salary statements will indicate the period ending two weeks prior to the date the payment is received. Unlike new employees, existing employees will not have to wait four weeks to receive a salary payment when the transition to payment in arrears occurs (April 2014).

Existing employees will continue to receive a salary payment every two weeks, therefore, they will not be entitled to a “regular” salary payment two weeks after they depart from the public service. Instead, a final payment will be made to cover the difference between their current salary at departure and the transition payment which was issued in April 2014.