TO:        All TO Group Members

It has come to our attention that provisions of the Workforce Adjustment Policy are not being applied correctly by NRC, as they relate to the calculation of lay-off benefits.  It appears that the total value of lay-off benefits has been reduced by amounts equivalent to cashed-out severance pay.  This violates both the TO collective agreement and the Workforce Adjustment Policy.

If you are a TO who has been declared surplus in 2013, please review the calculation of WFA termination benefits.  Please contact the RCEA office if you believe you have been affected and provide us with a copy of termination benefits.

If anyone knows a TO who has already been laid off, please contact them and ask them to contact the RCEA office.

It is our view that these members may have not received all the money that they were entitled to receive.

We will be filing a policy grievance as well as individual grievances.  It is imperative that TOs affected by this contact the RCEA as soon as possible.