Federal public sector unions denounce back-door changes to labour legislation 

(Ottawa) October 29, 2013 – Leaders of the federal public sector unions (the National Joint Council bargaining agents) met yesterday and released the following statement on the government’s proposed changes to federal labour relations legislation:

“The federal public sector bargaining agents call on the government to withdraw its sweeping and unfair changes to federal labour relations legislation from its omnibus budget implementation act. Instead, the government should engage in real consultation on legislation to improve labour relations.

Bill C-4, the Conservative government’s mammoth budget implementation act, if passed, essentially guts the right to collective bargaining, eliminates important human rights protections, and will make every federal workplace less safe for its workers and the Canadians they serve.

Instead of sitting down and talking with the unions that represent its employees to truly modernize labour relations, the government has been working in secret to eliminate the labour rights gains of the last fifty years, and to remove any semblance of fairness for its employees ahead of the next round of bargaining.

Employees of the federal government are hard working and dedicated to the public interest. The services they provide, including food safety, transportation safety and the protection of Canadian citizens at home and abroad, are being systematically destroyed by this government through successive cuts to key programs, constant disrespect from Ministers in the media, and legislation that will erode the rights of workers in the public service.

Our members have been attacked time and again by this government and used as scapegoats to deflect attention from the real governance and economic problems they created.

We are united in our determination to defend and protect the rights of more than 242,000 members we represent in the federal public service.”

For more information, please contact:

Shelina Merani, PSAC Communications, 613-293-9324

Peter Bleyer, PIPSC Communications, 613-292-6929

Pierre Lebel, CAPE Communications, 613-236-9181

Lyle Stewart, CSN, 514-796-2066

The Federal Bargaining Agents of the National Joint Council are: