The TO Bargaining Team has met with NRC on two occasions, September 14 and November 22, 2011.  At these meetings, proposals were exchanged and discussed.  While NRC does not yet have a final bargaining mandate from Treasury Board, they were quite clear in what they were hoping to achieve in this round of bargaining.  They are proposing the elimination of severance pay in cases of resignation and retirement, along the lines of the agreement reached between PSAC and TB last year.  They are also seeking to reduce the carryover of compensatory time and to include the drawdown of banked annual leave in the body of the collective agreement.

On our part, we will be seeking appropriate wage increases, improvements for term employees, improvements and adjustments to annual leave, designated holidays and volunteer and personal leave, improvements to family related  and medical leave, and parking.  Links to the Union and Employer demands are below; as bargaining takes place in English, these documents are not available in French.

We anticipate that bargaining will resume in the New Year, although no firm dates have been scheduled.  Your bargaining team wants to ensure that NRC is in a real position to bargain before it goes back to the table.

TO Bargaining Team members:

Anthony Ifill – IAR
Cathy Fraser – INMS and First VP
Floyd Toll – INMS and TO Group Chairperson
Kurt Konieczny – CSTT
Robert Wasyliw – IAR
Vaughan Benson – IOT
Joan Van Den Bergh – Negotiator

RCEA Demands

Employer Demands