We are still waiting to sign the collective agreements. The last communication from NRC on this stated:

“We have still not been able to get GIC approval for the AD, AS and CS CAs. Confusion seems to exist between the minister’s office and PCO as to who can support the submission for GIC approval. We’re still working diligently to try and resolve the situation ASAP and I’ll keep you informed as things progress.”


“We only just yesterday (Nov. 5, 2007) received confirmation from the PCO that the Minister was the only person who could recommend to the Parliamentary Committee that a collective agreement be entered into.

All the concerns regarding delays, impact of the arbitral awards and negative impact on your members and the employer/bargaining agent relationship have been made. We will be treating these files as a top priority.”

All members should note that only the items covered by the Arbitral Awards have already been implemented. Any other changes, such as a day being equal to 7.5 hours and the change in sick leave (certified and uncertified), will only take effect on the date of signing of the agreements.