The current collective agreement for the PG group has expired. The RCEA has already given NRC our Notice of Intent to Bargain. Our Bargaining Team has been assembled. The team consists of the following members: Joan Van Den Bergh (RCEA Negotiator), Rob Lauzon (RCEA 2nd Vice President), Diane Gaudette, Laura Franchi, and Gerry Kennedy (PG representatives).

At this time, we are looking for your ideas, suggestions, and/or comments regarding additions and/or changes to the collective agreement and about the state of the PG community at NRC, and what you think we should attempt to strive for in our new collective agreement. All submissions received by the team will be considered and confidential.Your input would be much appreciated to properly reflect our PG membership’s needs.

Note: If you have not reviewed the arbitration settlements for the AD, AS, and CS categories, they can be viewed at I would recommend that you do so, to see what other categories at NRC have been awarded. Any help you can provide to us for use on your behalf would be much welcomed.