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AS Group Arbitral Award Issued (full text)

The Arbitration Board, that was formed to hear the case for the AS group, has rendered its final and binding decision.  The entire decision will be posted on the website.  As well, we will also post a review of all changes to the collective agreement.

At the outset of the hearing, with the assistance of the Arbitration Board, we were able to reach agreement on all outstanding issues with the exception of the following.  As such, below find the issues before the Arbitration Board and their decision:

1. The deletion of marriage leave and the provision of five extra days of annual leave – the Board has awarded this change.

2. The introduction of a 35 day cap on the carry-over of annual leave (NRC Proposal) – the Board has awarded this change.

3. Signing bonus of $1500.00 – the Board has not awarded this change.

4. Economic Increases:
a) May 1, 2005 – increase all rates of pay by 0.25%
b) May 1, 2005 (following the 0.25% adjustment) – increase all rates of                              pay by 2.4%
c) May 1, 2006 – increase all rates of pay by 2.5%
d) May 1, 2007 – increase all rates of pay by 2.4%

5. The collective agreement will expire on April 30, 2008.

Further details of all changes will be posted as soon as possible.  Since this is an Arbitral Award, no ratification process is required. NRC has 90 days from the date of this Award to implement the changes and the economic increases.