The Public Service Labour Relations Board has established the Terms of Reference for the Arbitration Board. We are in the process of preparing our Brief. We anticipate hearing dates in April (due to the availability of the Board members).

Pay Equity Update

NRC has provided the RCEA with the following information:

As stated in the settlement, NRC’s obligation is to pay all active employees by March 31, 2007. As for the terminated employees, we must receive the acknowledgement cards and NRC must pay by the later of March 31 2007 or 90 days following receipt of the cards. We are anticipating being able to start making the payments by the middle of February 2007 with the reception, verification and release of cheques by end of February, beginning of March 2007. Please note that this includes the active employees and the terminated ones for which we have received cards.

Number of terminated (SOS) accounts: 948 employees
Number of employees with no mailing address: 47
Number of packages sent to terminated employees: 901 (948 – 47)
Number of returned and completed acknowledgement cards to date: 402
Number of returned packages with wrong address: 204
Number of packages sent but not yet returned (floating): 295

If you know of anyone who has not yet sent their acknowledgement cards in, please encourage them to do so.

The RCEA is attempting to get more information about the “taxability” issue. We are aware of the rumours going around and will update the members on the facts as soon as possible.