Following several days of negotiations, a tentative collective agreement has been reached on behalf of the Operational Category.

Economic Increases

July 31, 2003 – 2.5%
July 31, 2004 – 2.25%
July 31, 2005 – 2.4%
July 31, 2006 – 2.5%

This results in a compounded increase of 10% over four years.

In our bargaining with NRC, they were able to offer additional increases based on a comparison of RCEA pay rates to the public service pay rates. These pay rates were reduced to an hourly rate for comparison purposes (taking into account the fact that NRC works a 37.5 hour work week, while the Public Service works a 40 hour work week). The hourly rates of our subgroups were then compared to the equivalent group and level in the Public Service. In those cases where our hourly rates were behind the Public Service, a wage adjustment of up to 9.6% in the case of Schedules 1,2, 4 and 5 were made. In those cases where the NRC rate was above the PS rate by more than 9.6%, no additional adjustment was made. The breakdown of these adjustments will be detailed in the ratification package which will be sent out shortly.

For Schedule 3 employees, adjustments of between 9.7% and 18% were made. This was based on the 19.4% adjustment made to Public Service HP rates, adjusted to reflect the fact that NRC rates were already ahead of Public Service rates.

NRC’s mandate was to, at the end of contract, match Public Service and NRC hourly rates on a dollar for dollar basis, bearing in mind that there are difference in the hours of work.

There will also be a classification change for some members of the Mechanical Subgroup. Two new subgroups will be established, Plumber/Steamfitter and Heating, Ventilation, Airconditioning and Ventilation. Conversion to these subgroups will be based on Group Classification Descriptions. Employees will be converted to the new subgroups and will then receive both economic and additional adjustments.

Other Changes

Day = 7.5 or 8 hours as the case may be.

Compensatory Leave Carry-over, year to year – 5 days.

Cap on Comp Leave during year – increased from 3 to 7 days at any one time.

Introduction of Variable Hours of Work (Compressed Work Week) for all members except HP.

Rewriting of Hours of Work Article.

Increase in Overtime meal rates.

Meal rates now payable on days of rest.

All the details will be sent out in a ratification package.

OP Bargaining Team Members

John Black
Andre Cousineau
Don Gulliver
Ed Renaud
Jeff Fraser (RCEA Vice-President)
Joan Van Den Bergh ( Negotiator)