NRC has provided us with the following chronology of events as they relate to the process of getting the new collective agreement signed:

Friday, 5 September – Reached tentative agreement.
Tuesday, 9 September – Sent request for approval to Treasury Board.
Thursday, 2 October – Received Treasury Board approval.
Wednesday, 8 October – Sent request for Minister Allan Rock’s approval.
Week of 27 October – Pat Mortimer followed-up with Minister’s office; they said it is coming.
Tuesday, 4 November – Received a call from Minister’s office. Officer asked a few questions and said it will be sent shortly.
Wednesday, 12 November – Still not received approval.
November 13 – NRC was advised that the package had gone to the Governor in Council.
November 14 – NRC was advised that due to the upcoming government changes, the agreement would not be approved until December.

As such, it appears that we will not be able to sign the new CS collective agreement until some time in December.