Highlights of the Agreement (details to follow on website and in ratification package).

Rates of Pay:


1 May 2002
Increase all rates of pay by 0.4%.
22 June 2002
Increase all rates of pay by 3.6%.

22 May 2003
Drop the first four steps of the CS 1 range, add an increment to the maximum of all levels.
22 December 2003
Increase all rates of pay by 2.5%.

Vacation Leave:

4 weeks and 2 days after 16 years of service.
5 weeks and 2 days after 27 years of service.
6 weeks after 28 years of service (replaces 5 weeks and 3 days after 28 years).

The other vacation leave provisions remain unchanged.

Overtime Meal Rates: Increase to $10.50. New overtime meal allowance when working overtime on days of rest.

Volunteer Leave and Personal Leave: One day each.

Call Back Pay: If an employee is called back and can do the work from home, to be compensated in the same manner as if they returned to work – i.e. minimum of 3 hours at the applicable overtime rate.

Appendix B: Reference to CISTI deleted, only applicable to IMSB.

Terminable Allowance: Will remain in effect.