Bargaining has been scheduled for June 19, 2003. While NRC does not yet have a mandate to bargain pay, we are hopeful that they will be in a position to deal with other issues and that they will shortly have a pay mandate.

We are aware that most members are very frustrated with the pace of negotiations. So are the RCEA and your bargaining team. Below you will find a letter to Dr. Carty. It is an example of the type of letter that you could send to Dr. Carty to let him know how members feel.

Dear Dr. Carty:

As a member of the TO Group, I would like to express my unhappiness with the pace of collective bargaining between the RCEA and the NRC. Our contract expired on February 13, 2002, almost 18 months ago. The RO collective agreement expired on July 19, 2002 and they already have a new agreement. This is not acceptable. The TO Group is always left behind. I urge you to return to the bargaining table and to conclude a new agreement for the TO Group. Please show us that all NRC employees are equally important.

Sincerely yours,