Cathie Fraser, President


The RCEA is your union and represents over 1800 members, across Canada, in six bargaining units:

AD, AS, CS, OP, PG, and TO.

Local stewards are the main point of contact between members and their union, and act as a support person for members with questions and concerns.  Stewards represent their members on the RCEA Executive Committee, which is the main governing body of the RCEA.  This committee meets up to four or five times each year.  These meetings are held after working hours at 5:00PM EST at the RCEA office and via teleconference for regions.

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News release

November 29, 2019 – Ottawa, Ontario – Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

The Government remains determined to address the impacts that the implementation of the Phoenix pay system has had on public servants.

Today, as part of its implementation of the agreement on damages caused by Phoenix, the Government launched a process by which former employees can request the general compensation for damages, which is a payment equivalent to the leave credited to current employees. This is part of the joint agreement co-developed with federal public service unions in June, 2019 to compensate more than 140,000 current and former employees. …

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The timely, efficient implementation of the NRC collective agreements continues to move forward. We are pleased to announce that all NRC employees except PE, FI and MGT will receive retroactive adjustments on the pay of Wednesday, November 27.  NRC is the first organization in the federal public service to pay retroactive adjustments under the newly negotiated collective agreements. …

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Due to past Phoenix pay system issues, it was determined that public service pension plan members’ pension and insurance benefits statements may not be accurate. While these statements provided each public servant with personalized pension and insurance benefit entitlements and options, their data was taken from the Phoenix pay system. A decision was made to indefinitely postpone their distribution.

Please note there has been no impact to the actual entitlements and options.

If you plan to retire in the next six months or have questions about your specific plan or a service buyback, you can contact the Government of Canada Pension Centre. More information can be found at Pension and Insurance Benefits Statement.

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Effective November 19, the NRC is changing its probationary policy to reduce the period of probation. If you are a current probationary employee, you can apply to your Director General through a written request to your manager or supervisor to have the last year of your probationary period waived once you have served one year of probation, or in the case of Research Officers or Research Council Officers, two years of probation.
Speak to your Manager or your Human Resources Generalist for more information.

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